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Chamber Music

Blurts for flute, clarinet, and piano

Piano Polemic - Wild Winds - Ensemble Encyclical

"Blurts by Herbert Bielawa exploded. The composer at the piano gave forth with wild, virtuoso sounds; flute and clarinet (almost always in rhythmic tandem) sustained another level, more sedate and tonal at the beginning, more violent as the piece moved on. In the very attractive work the titles of three short movements…suggested changing levels of motoric activity."                                                         -San Francisco Classic Voice

Duo for Violin and Harpsichord

Fantasy - Recitative - Dirge - Aria - Variation

"The writing for the instruments  was very sure and idiomatic."                

   -San Francisco Chronicle

Four for One for solo violin

Interrupted Song - Nervous Thoughts - Daydreams - Dialogues

Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano

Allegro - Adagio - Presto

"Written in 12 tone technique, the Sonatina … is everything but cerebral, bubbling as merrily as the 18th Century compositions of the same name."

San Francisco Chronicle

String Quartet 

four contrasting sections in one movement 

"A work in declamatory style, it also speaks well on the instruments, each of the  players having an eloquent say in this direct and personal piece.

-San Francisco Chronicle

Through Thick and Thin for flute, clarinet, viola, and piano

a one-movement piece with alternating sections of tutti and soli

"The title of this high-energy and bravura piece is a joking reference to its textures and tempos, which are in a state of continual flux.  The piece, which begins like a cannon shot with a jazzy motif, is a breezy checkerboard mix of ensemble and solo elements, the former going from fast to slow, the latter in the opposite direction.  Technically, it’s demanding stuff."                                                 -San Francisco Chronicle

Drone on D for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, and cello

Discussion - Relax - Driving

Bielawa's last composition, in three connected movements

Piano Polemic

Wild Winds

Ensemble Encyclical






Interrupted Song

Nervous Thoughts






String Quartet

Through Thick and Thin

Drone on D

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