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Large Ensembles

Concert Fanfare for band

originally written for high-school band

Spectrum for band and tape

Bielawa's best-known work

"A work must be heard to be controversial, and on that basis alone this work has created as much interest with band conductors and their audiences as any piece in recent years…(I)t is somehow fulfilling even to the uninitiated, and young performers enjoy playing it and working with it, though sometimes amused by it, are rarely offended, and more often intrigued. A near perfect blending of the two elements of sound, plus a careful plan and skillful execution make this both a valid and interesting work for band.


Abstractions for string orchestra

Orbs - Vellications

a twelve-tone piece originally written for high-school strings

"A new work, Abstractions for Strings…  is a tasteful piece that comes off well and directly because it minds its business, sticking close to the material at hand.  Bielawa treats the medium simply and with respect for its most flattering sonorities."                                              -San Francisco Chronicle               

Concert Fanfare




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