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A startling collection of vocal works…one of those nice surprises that comes along every now and then…and serves to demonstrate that there are still pockets of serious-music health surviving out there. -American Record Guide

Five Rants 
for satb choir and solo violin 
      A Critical Success - Face-to-Face - Life in All - You Can’t Tell Me - You Drive Me Crazy
San Francisco Choral Artists - Megan Solomon, director- Brooke Aird, violin

The Snake and Other Creatures
          The Snake - The Frog - The Bee - The Spider - The Rat
Susan Narucki, soprano - Christopher Oldfather, piano

     Lenora Warkentin, flute - Richard Mathias, clarinet - Brooke Aird, violin 
       Catherine Allen, cello  - Eric Howe, bass-baritone - Herbert Bielawa, piano


for ssaa chorus, viola, and piano 
        Dreams Reflect - Translucent Lavender - The Unicorn - The Sky - Counting
San Francisco Girls Chorus - Sharon J. Paul, director
Geraldine Walter, viola - Dwight Nakamura, piano


The music is fine, the organist is fine, the organ is fine, and the technical aspect is fine.

What further could one ask? -American Record Guide


Pipe Organ Adventures 
     Walls of Sound - Pulsar - Mobile - Swing

     Flourish - Canto - Branle - Tenore - Battaglia            
Organ Booklet 
      Ouverture - For Mood - For Touch - For Pedalling - For Arpeggios - For Endurance             
Preludes on Lobe den Herren
      Canon - Meditation - Scherzo - Toccata    

Recorded on the Aeolian-Skinner organ at Alice Millar Chapel Northwestern University

Bielawa's Undertones is the only absolute music on the disc. The title is a vague indication of the composer's compositional technique… but the work is so aggressive and dramatic that one does not worry over how he got there.  -American Record Guide



Flights of Fancy: Ballet for Organ - William Albright

Curtain Raiser - Valse triste - Tango fantastico - Pas de deux
Ragtime Lullaby - Shimmy - Hymn - Alla marcia

Chasm - William Albright

Undertones - Herbert Bielawa

Nightsong and Ostinato Dances Pamela Decker

Recorded on the Flentrop organ at St. Mark's Cathedral, Seattle, Washington

The disc is worth having just for the Quodlibet SF 42569 of Herbert Bielawa.

This is an impressive piece, one which married the electronic sounds

to those of the organ in a remarkable way.

-The Tracker



Suite de 2me Ton - Louis-Nicolas Clerambault
Plein Jeu - Duo - Trio - Basse de Cromorne - Flûtes - Récit de Nazard
Caprice sur les Grands Jeux

Quodlibet SF 42569 - Herbert Bielawa 

5me Symphonie - Louis Vierne
Grave - Allegro molto marcato - Tempo di scherzo - Larghetto - Final

Recorded on the Rosales organ at Trinity Cathedral, Portland, Oregon



Stone Settings – Herb Bielawa
Swan Song – Love As a Second Language – Coda for a Lover
The Marraige House – Nightland

Marian Marsh, soprano, Herb Bielawa, piano 

Googleegoo – Hayg Boyadjian 
The New England Reed Trio

Of Times and Places – Charles Bestor 
Paulina Stark, soprano, Estela Olevsky, piano
Variations for Piano – Charles Bestor
John Richey & Micahel Zuraw, piano

EchoLing Chao Chen
Paul Tsai, baritone
Louisiana State Univeristy New Music Ensemble


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